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November 27, 2021

IFFI52 Indian Panorama Film ‘Jugalbandi’ transcends the fusion of Indian Classical Music and Painting

Panaji, 27 November, 2021 Jugalbandi transcends the fusion of Indian Classical music and painting, said Chetan Bhakuni, Director of the film, while addressing at the ‘Meet the Director’ session organised by PIB at 52nd International Film Festival of India, in Goa today.... Continue Reading →

IFFI 52 Delegates get Global Perspective on Short Film Production, thanks to first ever festival collaboration with OTT Platforms

Panaji, 27 November, 2021 Every edition of IFFI adds to the breadth and depth of the cinematic experience, greeting film lovers with many festival firsts. As part of a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the festival and OTT platforms, cine enthusiasts attending... Continue Reading →

Kalkokkho is a phantasmagorical portrayal of human emotions, our extreme apathy and extreme humanity during crises: Director-duo of IFFI 52 Indian Panorama Feature Film

Panaji, 27 November 2021 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, and it was the age of foolishness…it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”... Continue Reading →

IFFI52 Indian Panorama film ‘Abhijaan’ offers tribute to Soumitra Chatterjee – a stalwart of the golden era of Bengali cinema

Panaji, 27 November, 2021 Abhijaan, the Indian Panorama Feature film at 52nd IFFI offers tribute to the legendary Bengali thespian and one of the stalwarts of the golden era of Bengali cinema Soumitra Chatterjee. “Abhijaan is based on the true life... Continue Reading →

IFFI52 Indian Panorama film ‘Sijou’ unveils the brutality of the feudal land tenure system prevalent across Indo-Bhutan border until 1958

Panaji, 27 November 2021 Hitherto unknown and unexplored, Sijou, the Bodo language film unveils the inhumane brutality of the feudal land tenure system prevalent across the Indo-Bhutan border until 1958. The film screened at 52nd IFFI under the Indian Panorama Feature film... Continue Reading →

IFFI 52 Indian Panorama Non Feature Film “Bharat, Prakriti Ka Balak” explores origin and essence of Bharat, our country

Panaji, 27 November 2021 What is the essence of Bharat, our country? What is the meaning underlying this idea? How did it come into existence? What is its culture, traditions and geography? Bharat, Prakriti Ka Balak, a Hindi documentary film directed jointly by... Continue Reading →

The Giants: On the darker side of masculinity

A get-together among friends who share a passion for artificial paradises in a deteriorating villa lost in the middle of the countryside, an insatiable thirst for living in the present, momentarily forgetting the hazards of a past which hovers around... Continue Reading →

Kannada film “Neeli Hakki” by debut Director Ganesh Hegde gifts IFFI 52 delegates a child’s innocent view of the tensions between city and village lives

Panaji, 27 November 2021 To be or not to be. The very same existential question that vexed Hamlet in Shakespeare’s timeless eponymous play is what troubles 10-year-old boy Sidda, albeit in a somewhat different avatar. Having been forced to bid... Continue Reading →

‘Koozhangal,’ India’s official entry for 94th Academy Awards delineates suffering of marital abuse

Koozhangal, India’s Official nomination to Oscars, delineates the pain and sufferings of a child and a mother, both victims of marital abuse. “It’s a simple story told in the simplest form. And it is borrowed from my life itself. The... Continue Reading →

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