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November 26, 2021

In silence, you fall in love: Setareh Eskandari, Director of IFFI 52 World Panorama Film “The Sun of that Moon”

Panaji, 26 November, 2021 The agony of a widowed woman which leads her to decide to keep silent and not speak anymore. The re-entry of her childhood playmate which rekindles the candle of love in her wounded heart. Balochi film The... Continue Reading →

‘Bittersweet’ is the story of India’s Blood-Sugar: Anant Mahadevan

Bittersweet follows the heart wrenching travails of Suguna and her fellow women sugarcane cutters who are trapped in a situation that they can neither avoid nor escape. “It is the story of India’s Blood-Sugar. It’s how bitter the sugar we... Continue Reading →

‘Why some can stay while others have to leave?’ is the universal question we want to ask through ‘Any Day Now’: Antti Rautava, writer of IFFI 52 International Competition Film

Panaji, 26 November 2021 Any Day Now aims to show - the person, the human being - not just their count where they are labelled as 'refugees' as we see in the media. It poses the universal question as why some... Continue Reading →

If we ourselves do not document the history of our suffering, no one else will: Rodrigo de Oliveira

Brazilian filmmaker, Rodrigo de Oliveira is here in IFFI with his film ‘The First Fallen’ that traces the undocumented history of the ‘first heroes’ – the LGBTQ community – and their fight against AIDS Virus, an unknown virus at that... Continue Reading →

Stories should inspire the audience, a good story has be about the conundrum of life and its various crises: Noted screenwriter Sab John Edathattil at IFFI 52 Masterclass

Panaji 26 November 2021 Good stories are those that inspire us. Yes, master screenwriter Sab John Edathattil says stories should inspire the audience. “A story is not interesting if it is about the things we want but get easily. It... Continue Reading →

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