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November 23, 2021

IFFI 52 film ‘Rain’ explores the young man’s quest to break free from the familial power structures

Panaji, 23 November 2021 Rain, the debut feature film of Estonian director Janno Jürgens explores the dimensions of power relationships within family - that between the father and the son. The clash of generations - old versus young – is a pervasive... Continue Reading →

“Nitantoi Sahaj Saral is a self-effacing ice-cream seller’s quest for life and its meanings” : Debut Director Satrabit Paul on his IFFI 52 Film

Panaji, 23 November 2021 The simple quest of a simple and self-effacing ice-cream seller to discover life and its meanings. Film lovers at the ongoing International Film Festival of India in Goa got a simple yet beautiful chance to lose... Continue Reading →

I believe films should be snapshot of time and place: Director of “Godavari” Nikhil Mahajan at IFFI52

Panaji, 23 November 2021 “I believe if one watches the film Godavari in 2070, it should give an idea on how river Godavari was in 2020. That way, I want films to be the snapshots of time and place,” said Nikhil Mahajan,... Continue Reading →

“Unbalanced”: A Melodramatic IFFI 52 Film on One Man’s Intellectual Quest to Create Utopia Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Panaji, 23 November 2021 “While there is a million people who have nowhere to go, the only thing I can do to change this is the book I am writing”. Yes, the extraordinary quest of a middle-aged lawyer to change... Continue Reading →

“Leader” is an attempt to portray women from men’s perspective, says Korek Bojanowski, Producer of the IFFI 52 International Competition Film

Panaji, 23 November 2021 “Leader is an attempt to showcase how modern times can change the relationship quotient between men and women generally. Primarily it tries to portray women only from the perspective of men,” said producer of the movie... Continue Reading →

IFFI 52 celebrates the Humanitarian Spirit of Raja Ram Tiwari, bhule bhatke walon ka baba who helped reunite lakhs of lost pilgrims with their loved ones

Panaji, 23 November 2021 “The making of Gangaputra - Journey of a Selfless Man has been the most selfless creative journey of my life.” This is how Director Jai Prakash characterized his journey of documenting the selfless journey of Raja Ram Tiwari,... Continue Reading →

Surmounting Challenges reflects engineering hurdles faced during Phase-3 Delhi Metro

Panaji, 23 November 2021 From being the lifeline of Delhi to reducing the carbon footprints and fatal accidents, Delhi Metro is touted as one world class rapid transit system in all aspect. But are we all aware of the major... Continue Reading →

‘Bablu Babylon Se’ screened at IFFI52, a slow burn satire on the need to preserve our environment

Panaji, 23 November 2021 कुछ लोग आये है  पेड काटने मेरे गांव में अभी धूप है तो बैठे है उसके छांव में (Some people have come to my village to cut the tree Since it is hot out there, they... Continue Reading →

Boomba Ride seeks to show society the immense potential of education in transforming the lives of people in rural areas: IFFI 52 Indian Panorama Film Director Biswajeet Bora

Education is a powerful tool with immense potential to change the world, but what do we do if people do not realize it? Boomba Ride, an IFFI 52 film in the Feature Film Category of Indian Panorama section is a movie... Continue Reading →

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