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May 2021

The Indian Genome Sequencing Initiative for SARS CoV 2

Dr Renu Swarup Secretary Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India A major impetus in biomedical science, beyond curiosity alone, is to find solutions for problems and to better face challenges. The biggest challenge before all of us – people, government,... Continue Reading →

Fighting the Invisible Enemy: MoD’s Response to Covid-19 Surge

The surge of Covid-19 cases during the last 2-3 weeks has resulted in once in a century crisis.  Sensing the emergency situation, the whole Governmentmachinery immediately swung into action by mobilizing all possible resources. Along with the efforts put together... Continue Reading →

Liquid Medical Oxygen: Explainer

We know 65% of human body is oxygen. Yes, oxygen is vital for respiration, the process that transfers energy from glucose to cells. In fact, every cell in our body requires oxygen. When we breathe air in, oxygen molecules enter the lungs and... Continue Reading →

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