Major achievements of the Ministry of Defence which have benefited the people or have been appreciated by the people
  • One Rank One Pension was implemented in November, 2015 which fulfilled the long standing demand of the Defence Forces personnel benefiting over 20 lakh ex-servicemen pensioners. This decision by the Government removed the anomaly in the pensions and maintained parity in pensions of the Armed forces personnel of the same rank retiring in different periods.
  • Indigenously built Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas) has been inducted into the Air Force on July 01, 2016. Decision to induct 40 Tejas aircraft into the Air Force has already been taken. Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for another 83 aircraft given by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC).
  • Signing of Inter-Governmental Agreements for procurements to improve defence capabilities of our Forces
    • Agreement signed with France for procurement of 36 Rafale aircraft at a cost of approx Rs. 59220 crore.
    • Agreement signed with Russia for supply of S-400 Triumph Air Defence Missile and Construction of follow-on ships of Project 11356.
    • Contract signed with US Government for procurement of M777 Ultra Light Howitzers (155mm/39 calibre towed gun).
    • int Venture agreement signed between HAL and Russian Helicopters for the production of Kamov 226 T helicopters in India.
  • Four Sonar systems (Abhay-Compact Hull Mounted Sonar for Shallow Water Craft, HUMSA UG-Upgrade for the HUMSA Sonar System, AIDSS-Advance Indigenous Distress Sonar System for Submarines, NACS-Near Field Acoustic Characterisation System), developed by DRDO have been handed over to Indian Navy in November 2016.
  • First Design Validation Flight of Rustom-II (A Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV), developed by DRDO was carried out in November 2016.
  • Decision to induct women fighter pilots.
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Ministry and other important achievements:
  • 147 contracts involving over Rupees Two Lakh crore have been signed for procurement of various equipment during the year 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 (upto February, 2017)
  • Defence Acquisition Council has accorded ‘Acceptance of Necessity’ (AON) for 114 cases with a total value of Rs. 2,25,022 crore.
  • Defence equipments worth Rs. 105031.9 crore purchased from Indian vendors during 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 (upto Dec, 2016) as opposed to Rs. 70388.5 crore purchased from Foreign vendors during the same period.
Three reforms brought by Ministry of Defence – Process, Policy, Functioning, Programmes, etc.
  • The Defence Procurement Procedure-2016 focusing on the ‘Make in India’ initiative of Government came into effect from April 01, 2016. DPP-2016 lays special emphasis on indigenous design, development and manufacturing, and participation/involvement of MSMEs.
  • Policy for undertaking manufacture of select ammunition by the Indian Private Sector approved. The aim of the proposed policy is to facilitate development of indigenous capacity and reduce import dependence.
  • Revised and enhanced delegation of financial powers to Defence Services in September, 2016.
  • Extensive delegation to the three services for maintaining essential level of preparedness.
Two top Success Stories
  • One Rank One Pension (OROP):

One Rank One Pension (OROP) was implemented in November, 2015 which fulfilled the long standing demand of the Defence Forces personnel to remove the anomaly in the pensions and maintain parity in pensions of the Armed forces Personnel of the same rank retiring in different periods.  This decision benefitted over 20.75 lakh ex-servicemen pensioners. As on 06th March 2017, an amount of nearly Rs.4077 crore was disbursed as 1st installments covering 19.94 lakh cases. Similarly, Rs.2298 crore disbursed as 2nd installments covering 15.58 lakh cases.

  • Test fire of intercepting missile:

A test was conducted wherein an incoming ballistic missile target was intercepted by an exo-atmospheric interceptor missile off the Bay of Bengal on 11th February, 2017. Another test was conducted successfully on 01st March, 2017 this time involving endo-atmospheric interceptor missile. With this commendable scientific achievement, India has crossed an important milestone in building its overall capability towards enhanced security against incoming ballistic missile threats. It has entered an exclusive club of four nations with developing capabilities to secure its skies and cities against hostile threats.

*Source: Ministry of Defence