Capture5There can be no development without good governance, and it is the strong institutions that produce good governance. The Government of India is committed to promoting good governance and better service delivery to the citizens. The recently launched Digital India programme exemplifies this vision. In this direction, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the premier Medical Institute of India, successfully
implemented e-Hospital Project and transformed into a fully digital public hospital.
AIIMS attracts nearly 40 Lakh patients per year from across the country.


The enormous patient load led to huge stress on the clinician’s work time and the long waiting time added to the woes of patients. Patients would stand in serpentine queues from 3.00 AM to get an appointment and spend nearly 9 hours in the hospital in chaotic conditions. There were difficulties in getting follow-up appointments too.

The Digital AIIMS initiative replaced the manual registration with electronic registration improved management practices by introducing Patient Registration Centre, 50 Registration Counters with e-Hospital Software, Waiting Halls to seat 5000 patients and creation of specialised cadres like the Nursing Information Specialists and Patient Care Coordinators. It placed OPD schedules of individual clinicians in public domain and simplified follow-up appointments by the creation of electronic patient records.


The Digital AIIMS Project garnered numerous laurels and letters of appreciation for its significance. The MoHFW recommended the project for replication in all 12 Central Government Hospitals. The Prime Minister commended the project in his
Independence Day address for pan-India replication.

Capture7It was awarded as the best performing project under Digital India by the Ministry of Information Technology. The team behind the project got the AIIMS Leadership Excellence Awards also.
The AIIMS Transformation Project represents India’s First Digital Revolution in Health Care. It is a remarkable success story. It has significantly contributed towards responsive public delivery systems by leveraging technology. The Digital AIIMS project has initiated a pan-India movement for the transformation of the large public hospitals into patient-friendly hospitals.