Bengaluru is known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India. The first lot of software companies started from here and became world renowned names in the next two decades. Over the years, Startup became a buzzword in Bengaluru and Karnataka. Young people, full of ideas, were ready to change the world for the better-using technology and their intellect.

One of the startups incubated at the Government of Karnataka – IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) supported Mobile 10X Accelerator is ‘Chikitsak’.

Chikitsak’ was started by a five-member team, which wanted to bring about a change in the healthcare industry.


Everyone knows that timely checkups and early detection are half the battle won in the case of deadly diseases. High prices, time pressure and cost, are some of the reasons that people don’t get their checkups done. Chikitsak takes care of all the above.

For the moderate sum of INR 50/-, Chikitsak uses a portable Bluetooth enabled kit to screen for vitals – Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, ECG, Oxygen Saturation, Temperature, Weight, BMI, Heart rate, Pulmonary Function and vision. And, for an additional INR 50/-, connect to a doctor for consultation. The seamless transfer of data via Bluetooth to an Android tab, ensures freedom from data errors and allows for analytics. Since, the data is on the cloud, the same can be retrieved anytime, anywhere in the future.

The bunch of founders are engineers and are bringing their deep technology knowledge to an area which can help people. They have already tied up with more than 300 NGO’s across Karnataka, and an average of 1.2 lakh tests are being done every month. They have also focused on supporting women entrepreneurs, Chikitsaks, who are trained to be the field force for the startup.

Post training, they are sent back to work out of their village and locality. It has been observed that each Chikitsak can earn around INR12,500/- per month by providing the screening services.

‘Chikitsak’ has already raised INR 70 Lakh in two small rounds and have a monthly revenue run rate of INR 14 Lakh. This clearly shows that the service has taken off and they are on the right track.

In the words of the founders, “Government of Karnataka has been very helpful in allowing us to meet the right people at the right places and has been an immense value add for the certifications and essential business documentations. We couldn’t have reached where we are today without their invaluable support.”