Source: e-Book on Success stories released by the Prime Minister on Civil Services Day 2017

For the first time in his life, Musku Vidyasagar, 45, walked home with money in his account much more than he had expected, and most importantly, credited in his account on the same day that he sold his produce. For 20 years, Vidyasagar has been working on his seven acres of land in Velkatoor village in Balkonda Mandal, Telangana, cultivating paddy, maize and soya bean and selling his produce in the market yard at Nizamabad. Throughout his life, he had been using commission agents to sell his produce and had been the victim of trickery and malpractice almost every single time.

Says Vidyasagar: “ there was no way to find out the prices of commodities in other markets. There were times when I used to stay back in the market yard for two to three days till the weighing got completed and then wait 20-30 days for receiving payment.” There was no transparency in deals struck by commission agents. “But there was no option. It was not possible to transport all the produce to other markets. Besides, it would be the same story there – with the commission agents ruling the marketplace.” But with the implementation of e-NAM, the entire scenario underwent a sea change.


The Direct Purchase Centre (DPC) was created to facilitate the direct interface for trade between farmer and trader without the involvement of commission agent. Transactions on this platform were closely monitored by a special cell. The District Administration also ensured that the farmer got his money within 24 hours of trade on the DPC platform.

“I have seen both the traditional weighing of produce on beam scales and modern automatic electronic weighing machines. I have witnessed open manual auction, and now I have seen the electronic trading market. And everyone can see the diference and the benefits so clearly,” he says.

Vidyasagar, along with other farmers, has also realised the importance of producing quality crops and adopting better post-harvest practices to ensure better prices. “Earlier there was no motivation at all because however good the produce was, the commission agents always offered lower rates on the pretext that there was high moisture content in the produce. But not now. Thanks to e-NAM and the District Administration, we have proper quality testing methods and this is a great motivation for us to produce better quality crops and get larger profits,” he adds.