Vadlamudi Poorna Chandra Rao, a paddy farmer from Vijaywada used to buy fertilizers as per his own calculations. But after implementation of Direct Benefit Tra1nsfer (DBT), soil health recommendations linked to land extent have been made available. Now, he uses fertilizers based on these recommendations. This has reduced his investment in fertilizers, leading to decrease in overall cost of cultivation.

As all farmers get fertilizers based on soil health recommendations, this will help in usage of the exact required quantity of fertilizers and would help in reducing the investment on fertilizers, also maintaining soil fertility for future generations.

Government’s integration of AADHAAR with DBT in fertilizers has made the transactions visible to buyers. Farmers are availing fertilizers at MRP rate through Point-of-Sale, as all transactions are made available online in real-time basis. Before DBT, fertilizer dealers used to sell above MRP during peak season and used to sell non-standard fertilizers.

Also, during agriculture season, it used to cause inconvenience to the farming community as sale transactions took a lot of time. The time of sale transaction has been reduced through PoS. Biometric authentication happens faster, and transactions are completed on time.

Raosahab Gangadhar Thete and Sandeep Sudhakar Korade from Maharashtra and Mukesh Shivlal Bhai Patel and Anil Himmatbhai from Gujarat, share one thing in common: after DBT, during peak season or when there is shortage in supply of fertilizers, they will not have to pay extra for buying fertilizers.

Earlier, shortage of urea was common and price was not uniform. When they most needed fertilizers, retailers used to tell that they are out of stock, because of which their crops used to get affected. The situation is different now. Retailers provide fertilizers when farmers ask for them. Tracking of the movement of fertilizers, right from manufacturing plant to retail point ensures that the supplied stock is original and genuine. At the same time, stock availability is better and quality is being maintained throughout.

DBT implementation has eradicated black-marketing

Farmers from states of Rajasthan and Bihar say DBT has helped eradicate black marketing.  Bhavar Singh and Narendra Shirvi from Pali district of Rajasthan say they get fertilizers easily at MRP, which is fixed; they say there is no overcharging.