A 22-year-old cab driver based in Delhi, Sabir had to move to Delhi after his father’s demise two years ago. He now has the responsibility to take care of his mother, his differently-abled elder sister and a younger brother. Early in his life, Sabir started working, to support his family, doing odd jobs at local hotels / restaurants. He learnt to drive a four wheeler, while he serving as a helper in a local transport bus. After his father’s passing away, Sabir shifted base to Delhi NCR full-time, in search of better avenues, while his family still stays in a rented apartment in the outskirts of Delhi NCR. He now works with a private car rental company and earns a monthly salary of INR 5,000. He does not have a fixed place to stay at night; he goes home when possible, and more often than not, ends up sleeping in his cab itself.

Sabir was overjoyed to learn about a credit of INR 1,00,000 in his account under the Government of India’s Lucky Grahak Yojana.

“The sum is enough to keep our troubles at bay, even if temporarily”, says an elated Sabir.

Since demonetization, Sabir has been making payments using cards and has relied less on cash for daily transactions. Due to his busy job schedule, he does not get time to visit the bank to take out cash. He prefers using a debit card instead, as it is very easy to carry and use. He is grateful to the Government of India and is happy to share his inputs with other people to enable more and more people to use digital payments. He believes that everyone should use digital payments, as it is the perfect way to bring transparency in the system.