Saves him from exploitation by master weaver

Dasrathi Patra, 26 year old Handloom Weaver from Maniabandha, Cuttack, decided to take benefits of Mudra Scheme after suffering a lot, working under the local Master Weaver. The Master Weaver would give him warp, yarn, tie & dye and collect the finished product from him at a petty amount. Tired of exploitation, he decided to become self-reliant. He availed a loan amount of Rs 50,000 under Mudra Scheme and purchased Yarn, Looms and other necessary accessories required for fabric production.

He tells that earlier under Master Weaver, he produced 15 cotton Sarees and got Rs. 220 per piece. But now with sufficient raw materials at his disposal, he produces 52 Sarees per month. He compares his income after doing necessary calculations and happily tells that he now earns Rs 13,028 more per month. He says the scheme has helped him become his own master.

He has also now engaged his family members in his work. All family members together work hard and are able to save money for their better future.

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