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October 2016

Horti-pasture system: Strengthening livelihoods to reduce disaster risks in Thar

Ghewar Ram and Gauri Devi, who live in the western Rajasthan, own just a one-and-a half bigha plot of land. They used to migrate in search of livelihood every time a drought struck. Not anymore. They have now adopted horti-pasture... Continue Reading →

Urban Floods

Interview: Dr. Kapil Gupta on "Urban Floods"   Dr. Kapil Gupta, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay In July, 2005 Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, came to a standstill. Heavy rains clogged the city which was... Continue Reading →

Sardar Patel : Organiser par excellence

Author: Priyadarshi Dutta Exactly one hundred years ago in June, 1916 a stylish Gujarati barrister mocked at a new visitor in Kathiwari dress to Gujarat Club, Ahmedabad. The barrister kept playing cards with his friends, even as the visitor delivered a... Continue Reading →

Challenges of Skill Development in India

Author : K.N.Pathak India enjoys a demographic dividend where more than 60 percent of its population is in the working age group. The youth bulge presents an opportunity for India to enhance its growth and also supply skilled manpower to the... Continue Reading →

Alleviating Energy Poverty through Solar Power

Providing cheap solar lanterns has the possibility to replace the fossil based polluting kerosene that is used for lighting in many parts of rural India.   Author: Pandurang Hegde It is estimated that 18000 villages in the remote areas do not... Continue Reading →

Indian Railways: A Journey towards Swachh Bharat

Author : H.C. Kunwar With its green initiatives, Indian Railways is reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability and steadily proceed on a greener path.  Indian Railways has taken several initiatives which reaffirm its obligation towards minimizing the impact of its operations on... Continue Reading →


The First Digital Revolution in Health Care How the 3 A.M. Serpentine Queues Vanished Author : V. Srinivas Introduction Building strong Institutions is one of the major objectives of Good Governance. The Digital India initiative represents a landmark in ushering in... Continue Reading →

Focus on Human Dignity and Human Rights: A Global Movement for Ethics in Medicine

First World Bioethics Day, October 19 Author: Dr. Smita N. Deshpande There is a felt need to adopt ‘global ethics’ to indicate ethical science devoted to protecting the environment and our own future species. Rapid strides in medical technology with an... Continue Reading →

Food and Nutrition Security in the light of Climate Change

Author : Santosh Jain Passi, Akanksha Jain There is a need to increase food productivity across the world in the face of burgeoning world population and Climate Change By 2050, the world population will reach nearly 9.5 billion, which effectively means... Continue Reading →

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