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September 28, 2016

Soul, Sanity and Swachh Bharat! Swachh Bharat is the most profound statement India can make to the world

Author : M.Venkaiah Naidu Sangeeta Ahwale of Saikheda village in Washim district of Maharashtra sold her ‘mangalsutra’ to build a toilet. 104 year old Kunwar Bai of Kotabharri village of Dhamtari district in Chattisgarh sold her goats to build a toilet.... Continue Reading →

Global Living and Sustainability: A Gandhian Perspective

Author : Dr D John Chelladurai Special Feature -1 on Gandhi Jayanti Modernity has made individual global in one’s potential. With satellite communication, Airways, Earth Movers we are global in our strength and ability. Human life has gained ‘vishwaroop’. From self-centeredness to... Continue Reading →

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