I am from Gohramau village, which is located in the nearby rural areas of Lucknow. I belong to a very poor family and my father was working as a milkman earlier. But later my father was diagnosed with asthma and was not able to work. Our family was in a difficult time as my father was the only source of income.

A few months back, some people told me about training in textile sector through Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) of Ministry of Textiles, undertaken by Network of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development at Lucknow. It was also informed that upon completion of training, a certificate will be given from Ministry of Textiles and that I will be able to earn by making dresses/ garments.

I immediately opted for enrollment in the program and convinced my family to give permission to undertake the 40-day skill training program by NEED. I was constantly motivated and encouraged to learn the skills and today I feel proud that the dress which I am wearing is stitched by myself. Gradually, with my earnings, I also helped my younger brother to join the school for studies and today I am comfortably earning Rs.7000 per month.

The ISDS program has helped me to improve my family’s financial conditions and I am also planning to continue my studies further. In our village, many girls have not even gone out of the village but thanks to ISDS program, I have got this opportunity to come to Delhi for first time and share my experiences. I would request the Government to bring more similar programs, which will help to motivate and give confidence to many other girls like me in rural villages.   

–  Ms Pratibha Yadav, as shared by her, at the National Workshop on Integrated Skill Development Scheme, held by the Ministry of Textiles, in New Delhi in 2015