This is the story of Syed Sharifuddin, an aspiring small business owner from a remote village in Andhra Pradesh. He is a simple man of great ambitions and believes in humble living. The man and his wife work hard each day to produce and CTIV9hzVEAABpACsell bottles of sparkling water (lemon soda) to earn their living. Their business is run through a small in-home manufacturing unit and the end product, the bottles, are marketed from their local shop. Here, the impact of LED bulbs has been in enhancing their business and opening up a new savings avenue.

This promising avenue is assisting Syed in meeting the requirements of his family through savings in energy bills and has also helped him increase his production hours. Syed says that since March 2015, when he installed the LED bulbs, his life has significantly improved. Before this they were always worried about the cost of lighting and weren’t able to work late at night. More usage of energy inefficient bulbs to boost production at night invited heavy bills and hence there always was a cap on the time they were able to work during night hours. This cap curtailed their production and the business expansion had become difficult. More money was spent on energy bills and production of more bottles was limited.

After switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, Syed and his wife are able to work at nights to suit their needs. With this small change, Syed has been able to boost his production by 1.5 times more than what he was bringing out earlier. He has been able to save about Rs. 1500 in a span of just three months. He adds that the money saved can not only be used for his children’s’ education but also in meeting the needs of their household.


We are living in times when the demand for electricity in our prospering nation is growing beyond the limits of production. In order to effectively curb the demand, Government formulated a plan of saving electricity, which comes out to be cheaper than producing it. The scheme is of switching to energy efficient LEDs, which are bringing out drastic savings and enhancing the life of common folks in our country.