Dear Friend,

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow! And you know what, the occasion makes us both happy and sad; it instills pride, yet reminds us to be humble. And why is that?

Women play a very critical role in the development of our families, societies and the nation and the world – a role much bigger than we seem to be realizing.

But more needs to be done, to enable the women of the world to realize their true potential. To become what they are capable of, by being what they truly are.

So, let’s celebrate this Women’s Day, by sharing with the world that you care, and how you – and we all – can care better!

Tweet For Her!

We invite you to take to Twitter, and #TweetForHer! Tweet out your responses to the following two-fold question:

What have you done for her?

And what more can you do?

There are no rules, definitely not for social media experts! Except the first one below!

But here are some guideposts; feel free to take them or leave them!

  • Do remember to use the hashtag #TweetForHer!
  • You may also use other trending hashtags such as #IWD2016, #WomensDay, etc.
  • You may answer either one or both of the above two questions
  • You may post multiple tweets to share your answer(s).
  • There are multiple formats you can use
    • Plain text tweets
    • Write a post on your Facebook wall, your blog or elsewhere, and tweet the link.
    • Photo tweets
    • Video tweets
    • Anything else that we are not able to think of now!

Fine, that is it! Touch first your heart, and then your keypad!


Let’s reflect on women and tweet for them. Well, #TweetForHer!

We will wait to hear from you!

Remember that anyone in the world with an Internet connection can potentially pay attention to your tweet. And who knows, you may change the world – even if it be for one person!

We will retweet/share the ones that stand out!


– Social Media Cell, @PIB_India